Avoidable overgrow

Don’t you agree that the summer is are going by so fast . . . just a moment ago I made plans for the gardens and now the first signs of the fall are showing. You may or may not know, but we moved from Calgary to [...]

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Video Meditation and Journey

NEW - Video Meditation and Journey with the Sacred CosmoGram Video Meditation and Journey with the Sacred CosmoGram. I have chosen to offer you this Mediation for easy utilization, so that you will be able to meditation every day, right from your mobil deceive. After you got your meditation, simply download the [...]

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Dragonfly Nymph

Dragonfly Nymph a message from Nature. Video blog. We were cleaning up around the pond, when this Dragonfly Nymph surprised us . . . never have I see a nymph in my life. Did you know that the dragonfly can stay in the state of the nymph for 2 years? And is breathing through is [...]

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Plant Wisdom applied to our Life

I see Life as a Garden. To harvest what you sow, a garden needs to be nurtured; so does Life. If we like to change what we don’t like, there are 3 major steps to do so. Removing, weeding out, what is overgrowing and invasive to Life ~ Garden Receiving, planting in, what is welcome [...]

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D-Tox friendly Oat Crackers

D-Tox friendly crackers made with oats, chia seeds and herbs. The New Year is here… yah, well it is already a few days old, time is running when you are having fun, right. So I have been asked to share my recipe for the oat-crackers you can eat while on the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox, [...]

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What is going on with Ego?

What is going on with our Ego? Have you noticed? I have for sure. About 10 years ago, I asked for guidance to understand Ego and the difference between the Light and the Dark. At that time of asking I went through some very rough times; you could say ‘the dark side of the soul’ was [...]

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