Systemic Constellation

Healing. Past. Present. Future.

Systemic Constellation will assist us to:

 Strengthen our connections to our soul knowing and divine support.
Release and transform obstructive and hurtful relationships.
Open channels and develop relations to the natural world.
Heal any unconscious negative patterns of the past and present.

Just as the stars form intricate and meaningful systems in the night sky, so to do we form infinite and incredible connections and networks with all that is around us.
In our present, with all that has been, and with all that will be!
In a constellation we move, heal, and transform on the Soul Level, away from the stories of our mind and ego.

We do not analyze or discuss any of the dynamics that are coming up, but rather leave room for the soul to move on its own pace!

Q&A: Nov. 2017
“Systemic Constellation”
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Systemic Constellation was developed by Bert Hellinger (Family Constellation), and it is a process that allows us to create the opportunity to gain insights into the hidden dynamics behind an issue. It is currently utilized and practiced in over 35 countries. The Systemic Constellation process can be utilized for trauma, illness, pain, dreams, and issues around the workplace, relationship, money, creativity, addiction and more.

Constellation work helps us to restore the flow of love and harmony in our life and in everything connected to us.

Utilization of Constellation . . . read more!

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Alexandra has a deep understanding of nature and natural systems as well as a broad diversity of life experience that allows her to support clients with wisdom and insight. 
As a facilitator of Family & Human Systems Constellation, Alexandra is able to draw upon a wealth of training and dedicated study of the method, but more than that- a heart that listens assures that those in her Circles are in good hands.
F.M. Boring, Facilitator/Trainer, All My Relations Constellations, WA