Dolphin Sun Activation

Pineal Gland Activation and Heart Attunement

Embodying this inner technology can open your channel to Divine Wisdom, Cosmic Intelligence and Soul Purpose.

Your pineal gland is responsible to transmit receiving frequencies from other dimensions.
Your heart is the governor and regulates the kind of transmission.
It is vital for your wellbeing to be unified to the beneficial frequencies for your unique crystalline structure.

This program will be intense.
It will require a lot of you!
It has increased in depth and will progress you into the quantum field.

“The DSA Advanced was like having a personal trainer for your heart and mind.” E. Blezard 

“Alexandra is a natural visionary and guide. Her energy is direct and clear. A comforting blend of nurturing and assertive. Her playful spirit comes through in the experience and brings a lot of joy and groundedness to all. I feel revitalized by the DSA which reconnected me with the expansiveness of being human. My heart has had the chance to soar through this experience and at the same time I feel more grounded in my self.” Cleo Butcher 

DSA Advanced
21-Day Program~ twice daily

Monday, 11. October 2021

  • Tune into your higher frequencies and quantum field.
  • Sync your human being to your spirit.
  • Sharpen & trust your senses and intuition.
  • Increase your connection to other dimension of life.
  • Live your inner peace.
  • Disconnect from the influence of fear.
  • Daily (morning and/or evening) online meetings for about 20-30 min.
  • Access and playback online.

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“Alexandra is a highly intuitive, respectful  and compassionate guide, who holds beautiful sacred space with a skillful dedication, yet in a very earthy manner with an occasional sparkle of refreshing irreverence and humour. The DSA program has initiated at times very subtle, at times very clear and palpable transformative experiences of  my mind/heart, at a time when such deep and transformative container held by Alexandra was a God sent.
I highly recommend Alexandra to anyone who is interested in healing and personal growth within a container of love, sacredness and community!”  Lalita Misha, Victoria 

  • DSA Advanced:
    • Very intense
    • Activating your connection to Life
    • Receiving guidance and inner technology to manage anxiety
    • Your commitment for this journey is to yourself
  • Practical points:
    • Webcast
    • Meeting online via Zoom
    • Recorded for possible missed sessions
    • Accessible for anyone no matter where you live
    • Good internet connection needed
    • Taking time for oneself
    • Computer and headphones recommended
  • The process in the DSA Advanced:
    • Evening and morning online meetings via Zoom (8 am and 8 pm PST)
    • Every session will be recorded to ensure playback option
    • First session
      • Preparation and guided journey
      • first guided journey with the Dolphin Sun CosmoGram
    • Following sessions
      • Duration about 20-30 min
      • Guided journey with the Dolphin Sun CosmoGram
      • Every Day builds on previous journey
    • After completion following weekly sessions
      • Duration about 20-30 min
      • Guided journey with the Dolphin Sun CosmoGram

Voice of a student

  • Timing of the DSA Advanced:
    • 11. October – 1. November 2021
    • evening session offer cosmic alignment during sleep
    • morning session promotes serenity for the day
    • be part of either one or both
  • Repeating the journey, so it becomes a healthy pattern:
    • One time at anything never sticks
    • Repeating until it becomes second or even first Nature
  • Image important part of activation:
    • Direct connection to leading guides
    • Image holds and speaks frequency
    • Bypasses the conscious mind,
      that may be blocking us
    • Cosmic consciousness is connecting with us
    • Light language
  • Alexandra as ‘space holder’:
    • The student is actually doing the work
    • Alexandra is holding space for the student
    • She facilitates the journey directly from the cosmic source
    • She is the channel/medium (for lack of words) for the original cosmic source and image

21 Day DSA – online

Message from the Guides:
“The 21-Day format was provided by Alexandra from the cosmic source (Golden Dolphin) since 2010.
To anchor the vibration and frequencies, it was necessary to guide a ‘pioneer group consciousness’ in the 21-Day stretch. For that, we give our gratitude to everyone who has be part of our pod during that time.
Now, it is essential to multiply this specific vibration for the benefit to the dimensional shift of consciousness into the reality of Earth.

We will be present with you during the journey of regulating and adjusting your pineal gland and heart vibration. During this timely journey, you will be able to disconnect from the influence of fear and synchronize your bodies to your spirit. Allow us, to show you your beauty, as it is. It’s our honor to be in your present. Namaste”

21-Day of daily guided journeying through Sacred Geometry (Dolphin Sun CosmoGram) and Nature. During our journey we will drop misleading believes, before we open up to receive the beautiful New Energy, which is aligned with our hearts, soul and spirit.

We will use the very specific CosmoGram (sacred geometry image), which is directly linked to the cosmic source, appearing as Golden Dolphins, our guides.

The Journey

No one really knows what it is that tells a seed: “Open, Expand, and Grow!”
Maybe it’s an internal knowing, a whisper from Great Spirit, or a nudge from Earth. The time is Now.

Your pineal gland is responsible to transmit receiving frequencies from other dimensions. Your heart is the governor and regulates the kind of transmission. For most of us, it is covered with layers of believe systems.

It is vital for our wellbeing to be unified to the beneficial frequencies for our unique crystalline structure. Especially during the dimensional changes of our world.

You are here, because you are responding to your own internal knowing to open and expand into your highest potential and to bring forward the NEW.

The Dolphin Sun Activation is the whisper & nudge that will activate your pineal gland and attune its connection to your Heart.

 “Having worked with many different Pineal activation techniques, I have found Alexandra’s Dolphin Sun Activation system to be the best, with the most long lasting effect.”
Dr. Terry Willard, Cl.H. PhD
I found this to be an exquisite experience, opening my sight and my senses to a deeper dimension of myself and life.
Marianne King, RN and Shamanic Healer
“As a working mother of two young children, I was grateful to be able to happily take part in the DSA program from the comfort of my home. I now look forward to taking the time away to do the full weekend DSA workshop offering!”
Angela Willard, Cl.H., Co-Owner of Harmonic Arts
“..It was an excellent kick-start to continue my own work and connection to Heart with gentle guidance, laughter and ease and left with some tools to throw in the kit-bag.”
Rob Forest, Kimberley, BC