I see Life as a Garden. To harvest what you sow, a garden needs to be nurtured; so does Life.
If we like to change what we don’t like, there are 3 major steps to do so.

  1. Removing, weeding out,
    what is overgrowing and invasive to Life ~ Garden

  2. Receiving, planting in,
    what is welcome and beneficial to the growth of Life ~ Garden

  3. Anchor, nurture the New,
    being grateful by walking with integrity to Life ~ Garden 

If the garden is saturated with weeds the rose can’t get rooted and bloom. For truly long lasting weed free gardens, we need to get down on our knees. A weed is nothing more than that, it is just there; it is neither bad or good. Some surface weeds are removed effortlessly. On the other hand, deep rooted weeds will need repetition. The wise gardener knows of this ongoing process.

I am a Life Gardener and truly enjoy weeding, while I am listening to the whisper of Life.

I welcome you to become your own Life Gardener.


Let’s go beyond thinking and find our Mystery.
I am looking forward meeting you again.

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