Sacred CosmoGram

Divine Language

Video Meditation and Journey

The Sacred CosmoGram images are multidimensional communication portals from the Cosmic Heart to our Heart.

The CosmoGrams are a key part in Alexandra’s guided meditation and journeying; they help decipher the mysterious code to take people beyond their mind and mental understanding.

The images are a new language of the light, manifested into the third dimension as Sacred CosmoGrams, to support and assist the change into higher vibrations. The expansion of love. The Sacred CosmoGrams affect our crystalline structure, by-passing our mind, which is mostly limited by our belief systems. To walk into the new era of humanity, we need to let go of all ego based emotions and attachments.

The Sacred CosmoGrams are supporting our walk without ego, in a great way. The healing frequency is applied through the Sacred CosmoGram into our crystalline structure and supporting us from the inside out. By taking the mind out of this process, we receive a very efficient healing.

Alexandra’s intention is to empower as many people as possible and support our world changes into a place of peace, love and integrity. The Sacred CosmoGrams can be used not only to bring change, but also to maintain the higher vibration.

During the creation process, Alexandra is filled with their energies. She only used acrylic paint on paper, a compass and ruler. Alexandra was not in a trance or altered state while creating. The images would seemingly grow onto the paper; she was simply a transmitter of their vibrational messages.

For every issue that we carry, there is a solution. No challenge will come to us without a resolution; this is the design of our world. There are many doors we can walk through when we are faced with a challenge, but in times of stress and chaos the doors are difficult to see. The Sacred CosmoGrams are maps and keys to those doors and we all have free will to walk through them or not. There are many Sacred CosmoGrams created for different uses and issues, and all are very sophisticated in guiding us to solutions and opening us up to the possibilities of growth and healing.

The unconditional love flowing from the Sacred CosmoGram is the source of those creations.

Tools to utilize the energies of the CosmoGrams, nature, and our own inner faculties in every day life. These include Sacred CosmoGram Book and pendants, links to meditations and workshops events, life Webcast Guided Journeying or Video Meditation with the Sacred CosmoGram.

I, Alexandra Luppold, am the creator of and claim the right of ownership of the Sacred CosmoGrams. The sacred knowledge and the utilization of the Sacred CosmoGrams are given (by the Cosmic Light Beings of the Sacred CosmoGrams)to me to guard and protect -to ensure the integrity of the rightful utilization. The content of the information and material shared is for personal, and educational purpose only. Unless stated, none of the content may be reproduced or used in social gatherings and platforms without written permission of the owner. We like when the messages of the Sacred CosmoGrams to get out into the world, but it has to be in the appropriated manner and approved by the guardian itself.  The Chakra CosmoGram System (poster) is approved in its application of the chakra alignment, used by alternative health practitioners and can be shown and used in public. None of the contents are intended as replacement for medical attention for any conditions, therapy, counseling, spiritual guidance, or disease. Individuals seeking relief from serious illness should consult a health care professional. The Cosmic Light Beings have trained me in the spiritual mastery of the application of the Sacred CosmoGrams. (e.g., all guided journeys and mediations with the Sacred CosmoGram). From time to time, we will offer mentorship programs to aid in the use of those tools. Thank you, Alexandra
“How can I use words to express art that bypasses my mind? Only by expressing how the CosmoGrams make me feel. Contemplating them, my body vibrates so fast that I can’t think for sure! I feel they are the same as the 10th Dimension in my Pleiadian dimensional system. The 10th dimension is the “Heart of the Heavens” in Maya cosmology, thus Alexandra tells us the CosmoGrams are transmissions of love. Truthfully, these images are so intense for me that I cannot look at them for more then a few seconds; they seem to be a level I am moving into. The CosmoGrams will help us clear our own pain to become beings of pure love.”
Barbara Hand Clow: Author of Alchemy of Nine Dimensions