D-Tox friendly crackers
made with oats, chia seeds and herbs.


The New Year is here… yah, well it is already a few days old, time is running when you are having fun, right.

So I have been asked to share my recipe for the oat-crackers you can eat while on the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox, which we always do first thing after the holidays.

One caution before I start: I am not the best person to ask for exact measurements, I do it as I go along, trusting my intuition and feeling…sorry. That drives my partner nuts, as he needs the exact numbers… oh well, he loves me anyway. I am sure some of you understand exactly what I am saying.

So here it is:

The (boring) base for those crackers is:

  • 3 parts rolled oats (1 part oats slightly ground; but not to much that it becomes flour)
  • 1 part soaked chia seed
  • Or substitute the chia seeds with 1 part egg and some other form of oil; like coconut butterIMG_7535
  • To make those crackers tasty I add some herbs; I will take 1 part slightly ground oats and add the herbs to it.

One more caution, the crackers will be harder with the chia seed then with the other option of egg, so hold on to your teeth.



Here is the almost exact measurement for two baking sheets full of crackers:IMG_1270

  • 2 cups of rolled oats
  • 1 cup of rolled oats, slightly ground (including your herbs of choice)
  • 1 cup of soaked chia seeds, which is 3 tablespoons of chia filled up to 1 cup with water: let sit and swell.


Put the dry ingredients together, mix and then add the wet ingredients. Work the dough with your hands, put good intentions and thoughts into it….
You should be able to roll the dough on the counter without it falling apart; the dough needs just enough moisture to keep it together. (Just like a human I guess…haha)


This year I tried something new.
I added color with the intention of bringing together the four colors of the human race and the four directions. So I made: white, yellow, red and brown.


  • The white one:
    Use the base dough, that’s it. I used fennel and rosemary as herbs.
  • The yellow one:
    Use base dough and add saffron; I used the same herbs
  • IMG_1279The red one:
    Use base dough and add beets, I used maybe one tablespoon of dried beets and ground them. I used fennel and thyme for those once and it tasted great. Next time I would put the beets into the chia seeds with the water. Or you can use a fresh beet and see how much you would like.
  • IMG_8917The brown one:
    Use base dough and add coco powder and or chaga mushroom powder, I use maybe 3 tablespoons. It really depends on your preference. I also add some coconut flakes to it. No herbs here.
    (If you’re off the D-Tox you can add some sweetener)
  • Or what about coconut macaroons? See the link on the end of this blog.

It’s important that you stay within the 3 cups (or parts) of dry ingredients with what ever you like to add for taste.

After working the dough make into little disks, cookie or cracker shapes, what ever you like, but make them thin, the thinner they are, the faster they bake.


Put them on the baking sheet, heat up oven to 375-400 and bake for about 30-45 min. Again watch it, every oven is different and so is the environment you are living in.




The crackers are done when they are not soft anymore, just like crackers.

I like them for breakfast just with butter, after the D-Tox I like to eat them with my home made plum butter… so yummy.


What’s left to say…Happy cracker baking.


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