Live WebCast Meditation

Guided Journey With Sacred Geometry

“I love sound bites, so this one here is for you.” Alexandra


Alexandra is facilitating a number of online guided meditational journeys, with the assistance and direction of spirit and the sacred CosmoGram. Each journey uses a specific CosmoGram, appropriate to the aspect that is being presented. The CosmoGram is a key part: it will cipher the code to take you beyond your mind and mental understanding.

They can be found in Alexandra’s book ‘Sacred CosmoGram’, and will be visible during the online journey.

After registration you will be provided with the access code for the webcast provider ( You can also call in using your phone, (Canada long distance applies).

There will be a set time at which everyone calls in for this journey. Mostly we meet in the evening, after a busy day, when the stillness of the night has returned.

It is highly recommended to use headphones and have screen access.


For the best experience you may want to prepare yourself:

  • Give yourselves permission to take time … this is for YOU
  • Make sure that you will not be interrupted
  • Give yourself time before and after the journey
  • Have you journal close by (if you wish)
  • Find a comfortable place
  • You may light a candle and/or incense to set up your space

These journeys are directed in such way as to unlock and remember your true self.

Some more information for you, if you are new to our webcast/online journeying:

  • Because we journey into another dimension online media works well
  • You only need to ensure the peace of your own environment at home
  • We mostly meet in the evening, after the day’s busyness
  • Others will not see you, so you can come in your pajamas
  • Headphones are highly beneficial to block out any outside noise
  • You will be ask to mute yourself, due to acoustic feedback
  • The webcast software is free for you and can be accessed through the Internet
  • After registration you will receive a login code and a link to a little ‘how to’ video
  • You need good Internet connection or you can also call in (Canada long distance applies, these days it’s almost free with the new plans that are offered)
  • Duration of the sessions varies between 30-45 min


  • These journeys can be intense and ceremonial;
    it really depends on how deep you allow yourself to go
  • Outcomes also depend on what issue and aspect of the journey we are looking at
  • You may feel energized or ready for a good night sleep
  • The effect of the guided journeys with the CosmogGrams cant really be measured by the mind, as it takes you beyond any mental understanding… ask your spirit.
  • A great benefit is you don’t have to travel with your body anywhere.


If you would like to take a ‘mental vacation’ and connect to other like -minded people then please register, as space is limited. Check in for the next upcoming event or sign up (below) for the news letter to stay informed for any event Alexandra is offering.

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