What is going on with our Ego?

Have you noticed? I have for sure.

About 10 years ago, I asked for guidance to understand Ego and the difference between the Light and the Dark. At that time of asking I went through some very rough times; you could say ‘the dark side of the soul’ was in command.

I was confused with the world and my place in it, so I asked the question and truly wanted to understand: What the heck is it with the ‘dark and light’ side so many New Agers talked about?

Sure enough; “Ask and it will be given”…. Heard about this quote? I am sure you have.

Well I asked; and it was given. I was being presented with very tough teachings: teachings that came not in the form of written wisdom or knowledge, oh NO, it came in real life situations… Now that I look back it is actually quite funny, not at the time.

I found myself in conflict with other people; I would describe them as bullies, back than I called them friends and that confused me so much. I was made to question my intention, accused of ‘black magic’ and so on. Again, I was so confused why is this happen to me… cry, cry, cry, oh yes I did.
But only a couple times; cry, cry, cry.

I stepped back to have a look at the accusation that was made. Questioning again what my intention was at the time. Where did this intention truly come from, did my action hurt someone, could I realy have hurt someone?
After checking all those I came to the conclusion, that the accusation had no grounds.

Looking back I understand the teaching; I understand the roll of the person and the service that was given to me. I am grateful for this teaching, even if it was super painful at the time. I learned to ensure that I am coming from a place of integrity, a place where Ego has no ground.
Of course it didn’t just take this one lesson to get my answers or understanding to my question, but rather a starting point.

I am completely aware that the understanding about Ego is ongoing and this is what I’d like to share, as someone else maybe challenged by Ego right now.


Just in the last little while I notice how Ego is becoming bolder, it is a daily quest to observe and be aware when Ego is playing.

Ego comes in so many ways it is sneaky and smart. It is listening right now, fishing for something to use later against anything or anyone. I know how it sounds, very tiring right?
The good news is that when we becoming aware of Ego or even that we all do have Ego, no matter what we call ourselves, it is the first step of awakening.

A month ago I was guided to step away from Facebook. For 10 day I should not check it or post.
It wasn’t too hard, as I am aware of the Ego play that can take place in this social media. Don’t IMG_1187 (1)get me wrong;
It’s a great way to reach out, and I wasn’t part of this world for most of my life. I only decided to be part of it, after I heard Deepak Chopra speak about social media in Calgary, 2012.

But I’ve noticed in the last little while, and maybe you have too, that social media can sucks you in, away from reality and the present. Scrolling through the posts and in no time, time has gone. Here I have found lots of Ego plays and entanglement, but even with just looking for the ‘fun’ stuff, I found myself hooked.

And I also wonder how much I am absorbing unconsciously?

I notice that Facebook is just one way of Ego becoming bolder, even during ‘normal’ life I can feel and hear all the reasons of Egos logic why we should be afraid and worried about the future.

Speaking with my partner and close friends I wonder this may be a global occurrence?

Why would Ego gang up so much right now? My guess: it may feel its power slipping away. Or I may just be more aware of it. Living here on the Island the ‘background noise’ is Present by Nature and that may help to ‘hear’ Ego.


Help, what can we do?

A lot is achieved when we are aware that Ego is on hand here. It certainly helped me a lot to understand that Ego is separation from everything in life. The distinction between my Ego and myself as a person, the soul and the spirit is also very useful; but still a daily task. Some days go better than others.

Being tired, hungry or in pain gives Ego a playground, so watch out for it.

Ego uses the Mind, so thinking over and over and over again. Ego has logic, oh yea. Ego is like a dog that bites and doesn’t let go. It makes sense when Ego is telling you that you know and others don’t. Ego is complicated. Much more fun for Ego (and more energy depleting for us) is when Ego finds an emotion that is easy to attach to a thought.

Ego can only play with an other Ego! 

Many wonderful spiritual teacher/masters have shared with us about Ego. Like Eckhard Tolle (The Power of Now), Neale Walsch (Conversations with God), Bijan (Effortless Prosperity), Francesca M. Boring (Constellation Facilitator/Teacher) all of them have their one ‘personal note’ of sharing this information with us.

During the last Dolphin Sun Activation (Pineal Gland and Heart connection) program the guides shared with us their wisdom and recommended that we should connect with our Higher Self, daily. It seemed so ‘simple’ at the time, but I get it now.

We should find our personal note of spirit to connect to. What do I mean by personal note? Well some like to meditate in silence, others love guided meditation, singing, painting or any other arts, being in Nature…


Anything will work that can take you OUT OF YOUR MIND.
Yes, in the case of disconnecting from Ego this is a good thing.

My intention is to share my insights with you so that you may see you are not alone.
Many blessings and have fun with disconnecting Ego and connecting to YOU.

With much love in service to you,