Wisdom Of The Cosmic Garden

In Harmony With Nature

“Heaven on Earth.” This sounds familiar to many people, but what does it look like? I guess everyone has their own picture, but for me the Cosmic Garden is Heaven (Cosmic) on Earth (Garden). In my garden I apply everything that is connected to Earth and Sky, because I know that the plant kingdom, like any other kingdom, needs both too flourish.

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For me gardening is an ‘working meditation’ and should be joyful. I share with you how you can grow your own food with ease.  In this course you will find many garden tips, that even an experienced gardener would love to know. I have added some bonus videos about ‘fermented compost teas’.

Last year I offered a monthly garden Q&A and this was welcomed and appreciated by my students. We will do this again and you can come with any garden related question. I will do my best to assist you. This add on also includes the growing guide.
“It was the very best money I have ever spent”. Georgina Cyr, BC

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I also have created an BioDynamic growing guide (based on the Stella Natura Biodynamic calendar) to follow and work with the beneficial cosmic energies through out the growing season.

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We have the integrated lessons
We have the involvement
We have the micro cosmos
We have the macro cosmos
We have the cycle
We have the receiving
We have the giving
We have the planets with their specific influence
We have the unconditional love
We have the healing powers
We have the teachings
We have the support
We have the nurturing
We have the peace and joy
We have the four elements, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

My values which I apply everywhere

I respect every living thing as a creation of divine love. I love, live and respect Nature’s rhythm and law. I use holistic resource management. I apply organic and biodynamic techniques. I respect the energy sources and grow the produce in my garden without any additional artificial energy sources.

The Wisdom of the Cosmic Garden is open to gardeners and non-gardeners alike.

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) was the founder of Waldorf schools and the biodynamic, a free thinker living, working and teaching in Germany. It may not be a coincidence that he edited the whole of Goethe’s scientific writings in Weimar, just 20 km away from my childhood town, Erfurt.

Planting, seeding, harvesting and application after the constellation of moon and the planets in our solar system is very old knowledge applied by many wise men and women.

It makes sense to me, big water bodies are moving with magnetic energy of the Planet Earth and the pull of the moon. Our own body has 80 per cent water and how do we feel around full moon! So why would one believe that plants are not influenced by it?

Sample video . . . ‘Harvest’

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