My name is Alexandra and I welcome YOU!

“In times to come it is essential to know and apply the wisdom of nature. I offer you the ‘Wisdom of the Cosmic Garden’ to learn how you can grow food as medicine for now and future.
(I have added to the course new bonus videos and options)
In service to life, Alexandra”

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” Your pineal gland is responsible to transmit frequencies from other dimensions, but your heart is the governor and regulates those transmissions. It is vital for your wellbeing to sync to the beneficial frequencies to your unique crystalline structure.
In service to life, Alexandra”

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Alexandra Luppold - Artistic Mystic
Alexandra Luppold - Artistic MysticAuthor, Artist, Medium of the Sacred CosmoGrams

I assist any seeker of self-awareness and peace to expand consciousness into a rooted spiritual nature in daily life.

Through guided journeying with the sacred CosmoGram, systemic constellation ceremonies, workshops and seminars together we reach deep into our heart. . .  From this sacred place, YOUR heart, we will archive the change your soul longs for.

The information and wisdom you find here are the results of my life long journey.

I came with just a backpack to Canada on a one-way ticket in 1998. Looking for Peace after living in East and West Germany.

My deep love of Nature would bring me a spiritual connection that I wasn’t aware of until I started my own healing journey. I experienced and know that powerful healing is beyond thinking; and beyond thinking there is a sacred place, OUR HEART.

I believe we are eternal multidimensional beings and live on Earth to experience the abundance and beauty of life with all living things. We are here for each other to expand our consciousness and soul, sharing our divine gift. 

For me All Life is Sacred and so are YOU!

Believe me what ever you do…
if it comes from your Heart, it can only be good for everyone.

With compassion I am in service to YOU


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