Alexandra has a deep understanding of nature and natural systems as well as a broad diversity of life experience that allows her to support clients with wisdom and insight. 
As a facilitator of Family & Human Systems Constellation, Alexandra is able to draw upon a wealth of training and dedicated study of the method, but more than that- a heart that listens assures that those in her Circles are in good hands.
F.M. Boring, Facilitator/Trainer, All My Relations Constellations, WA
Having worked with many different Pineal activation techniques, I have found Alexandra’s Dolphin Sun Activation system to be the best, with the best long lasting effect.
Dr. Terry Willard, Cl.H., Ph.D., Founder of Wild Rose College of Natural Healing, AB
I have participated in Alexandra’s Dolphin Sun Activation program, Family Constellation Workshops, as well as having the great privilege to experience one on one healing sessions with her. Whether working alongside her in the garden where she would get profound insights seemingly out of the blue or participating in one of her group workshops, I have always experienced  a realignment with my deepest truths (even the ones I was trying not to look at but were keys to my own healing and happiness). Alexandra is a true intuitive healer and has greatly changed my life through her insights and healing work. I believe it is her big heart and the depth of compassion she is able to feel which makes her such a potent guide and healer.  She speaks deep truths that’ll hit you right in your core while simultaneously comforting you with her sweet heart and quick to laughter humor. She is fully committed to helping souls on the planet reach peace and wholeness.
Angela Chromik, Nelson, BC
Alexandra is one of our wisest elders. She has helped me tremendously over the last 8 years. Her counsel is grounded in reality yet perfectly feminine and intuitive. Her sessions reinforce that we all have the answers with in ourselves. To find these answers she guides us by encouraging us to peel away our ego and then gently shift our perspectives. Alexandra is absolutely someone you most have a session with if you are looking for authenticity, honesty, knowledge and well seasoned in the healing arts. Be prepared to face a few blocks and feel challenged! You will have the opportunity to grow immensely while working with Alexandra.
Diana Mayorga, Cl.H., Intuitive, Calgary, AB
Alexandra has a way of holding circle that creates immediate sacred space.  What I love the most is that she allows each person the dignity and honor of going through their own process without interference, yet, there is no mistaking that she is in complete command of the circle and has access to many healing tools to shift when required.  A blessing to be with.
R. & L. Saito, Stony Plain, AB
The whole weekend was one of enlightenment and awe at how powerful this work is. Immediately the circumstances in my life shifted to a calmer more balanced place. One of the bonuses of this workshop was that I am no longer in pain. For the past 3 years pain has been with me every day and now it is gone. Just gone. Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do Alexandra.
Cathy Gordichuk, Edmonton, AB
I’d like to thank you for your amazing Reiki course, you are an amazing teacher and person. I’d recommend this course to anyone looking for a self-discovery and development course. It can truly help to dissolve old thought patterns and get right into the flow. Anyone that has the opportunity to experience one of your workshops is sure to walk away as a transformed person.
Patrick Woods, Calgary, AB
I really enjoyed taking the Reiki for New Energies class. When I signed up for the class, I had no idea what to expect and was not certain that I had the ability to channel energy. I had taken a Reiki I class in the past and did not feel as though I received the “special connection” either because I was not ready for it or I did not have the right guidance. This time I was fortunate enough to meet Alexandra and she showed me the way. Alexandra taught us that we needed to heal ourselves first, before we could expect to heal others and that was something I had never learned before, it really does make sense. Alexandra holds a special presence and managed to keep all of our attention. The course was very powerful and the connections on all levels continued to grow. I came to the class unsure of myself and carrying heavy bags of past wounds, which I have carried for many years, I was tired and Alexandra helped me release them. She gave me the assurances that I needed and the confidence to let go, I no longer needed to be afraid. I know that these are only the first few small steps of my growth and my connection but they hold such strength and importance that I will never forget them. I thank you Alexandra for all that you have given me and I will not forget the strength and love I felt with you and our group over the last 4 weeks.
Leila Krupich, Calgary AB
I got a lot of activation from the Dolphin Sun Activation program. While I was in NZ, I made connections with a few people already on this ‘enlightenment’ path. They were very touching connections and I think something will come from them in the future. I got some very nice messages and people were constantly telling me that I am and had been through a shift. So it must be noticeable to others! So thank you for hosting the course and opening my eyes to new possibilities
Durrick Walker, New Zealand