Tea Ceremony

Sitting In A Sacred Circle With YOU

The ‘Tea Ceremony’ is a celebration of the sacred union of Nature and Human.

The specific herbs Alexandra utilizes in her Tea Ceremony are grown by her and/ or wild crafted with the intention for the Tea Ceremony. When and where they are harvested contribute greatly to their healing ability.

Every circle is as unique as the people attending. Alexandra is guided to the appropriated herb combination. The sacred herbs will work on all aspects of the human being and will address the energy levels of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

During the Tea Ceremony Alexandra is guided to different aspects of Being such as mind, ego, soul, and spirit. The group is presented with teachings and/or a guide journey as is appropriate to the circle.

Tea Ceremony in the Tipi at Atmosphere in Cumberland
Picture taken by Shane Phillips


Alexandra was guided to this very special process; she was directed by her guides to grow, nurture, harvest, and utilize the specific herbs for healing of the energy body.

Her first use of these herbs was in 2004 on a vision quest with Cree Medizin Women Lea Bill in Kananaskis, Alberta. She was lead to a specific herb that would support all participants on their journey.

Alexandra was then guided to share the Tea Ceremony with larger groups and since 2007 she has facilitated the Tea Ceremony in gatherings and many workshops.




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