Don’t you agree that the summer is are going by so fast . . . just a moment ago I made plans for the gardens and now the first signs of the fall are showing.

You may or may not know, but we moved from Calgary to Courtenay on Vancouver Island in 2015. The property was neglected, which means in this rainforest climate overgrowth everywhere. Slowly I pruned back the growth that took over and I discovered a lot of garden gems, like gingko tree, fig tree, beautiful flowering bushes . . . stuff I haven’t seen in real life.

The ‘new plants’ and the very different climate put me in the state of learning and exploring again. Some valuable information I was able to research, but mostly I would just be in the garden and observe, listing and be with the plants.

Now there is much more going on than ‘how to treat a specific plant’. The wisdom that comes to me through the plants and natural world I cherish. I am talking about the messages and insights that is carried in between the material world.


We, as humans, also have to deal with some overgrowth in our life. How did this overgrowth happen? . . . well we may have given it too much ‘fertilizer’, such as a lot of talk and thought. We could have had also just not looked after and didn’t notice that it has become overbearing.

Some of you who know me in my garden, have witnessed how boldly I can go and cut down this unwanted growth. When I do this, I am carried by the plant energy field and I can feel it in my whole being. I am moving within the knowing field of the natural world. The same is true when I facilitate systemic constellation and guided journeys with the sacred CosmoGrams.

While I was trained in Systemic Constellation by a human being, the sacred CosmoGrams are directly channeled. From where . . .  you may ask and did you not just talked about gardening?

Yes, I did indeed and that is the source.

The sacred CosmoGrams are channeled information/messages codes in the form of sacred images from the cosmos, yes. But where only accessible to me through the connection and agreement I have with the natural world. The Cosmos and the natural world of Earth are NOT separated. Only in our ego mind we like to separate, what in truth can’t be separated.

In the guided journeys with the sacred CosmoGrams you are accessing both worlds at the same time. During this journey your multidimensional bodies are in sync, and when in sync and coherence to your soulspirit the rest of your being will be balanced and in harmony.

This movement is undetected by our ego mind. Yea!

So, you may not remember the thoughts, but the sense of Being!My job and responsibilities as facilitator are to keep the gates open and ensure that the higher consciousness flows freely to you. I do this by standing firmly in the natural world.


Let me be bold. You may not like to read this, but in your heart, you know it’s true, that: One-time meditation/journey is not going to balance your whole being. Just like an overgrown garden it takes time and repeating to see and feel the change.

If I would stop today and not attend my gardens anymore . . .  well after a while I would have to start all over again. It would cost me again so much energy to bring it to a place of balance.

At first it takes some effort (time and repeat) to make room, clear the overgrowth. It will be tiring with not much difference to see. But over time we will feel the difference, and we still have to keep going to come to the desired place of being.

We will know when we have reached our inner peace. Again, let me be bold, we have to maintain this on a daily basis. Damn. Oh well . . . we are all in this together and this is the good news.


For all the reasons I mentioned above, I have created inexpensively some ‘maintenance’ video meditation/journey with the Sacred CosmoGram. Those can be used daily conveniently from your phone and is available anytime now.

I also offer again the 21-Day DSA Program Advance, the daily live journeys with the powerful sacred CosmoGram for the pineal gland gateway. This program starts in October and runs for 21 days daily online with playback option for any missed sessions. This will support you to get started with any ‘overgrowth’.

My wish for you is to be in peace so that you can enjoy life.

Namaste Alexandra

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