Sacred CosmoGram Instructional Tool Book


This book contains 13 of the Sacred CosmoGrams with instructions.

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Depending on the CosmoGram, there are instructions for meditation, ceremony, placement, and other utilizations.

Utilizing the CosmoGrams within this book can help you shift your frequency and achieve profound healing and transformation.


Product Description







Sacred CosmoGrams are a new language of light, manifested into this physical third dimension to support and assist our transition into higher vibrations.

The Sacred CosmoGrams will decipher the code to take the person beyond their mind and mental understanding to deeply affect their crystalline structure into the higher vibration.

Included within are:

Celebration of Transformation

Peace of Mind

Crystal of Expansion

Blue Butterfly

Infinity of Connectedness

Flower of Growth

Law of Spirit

Resurrection of Truth

MultiDimensional Love

CosmoGram Chakra System

Eighth Chakra

Ninth Chakra

Water Crystal


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