Chakra CosmoGram System


Chakra CosmoGram System your alignment to your higher vibrational Chakras, in harmony with the Earth’s shift into higher vibrations.

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Product Description

Explainer Video, how to use this Chakra System.


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Instructions for the Attunement and Use of this System:

It is fast and easy:

  1. Stand in front of the CosmoGram (facing away from it) with your feet together and parallel.
  2. Make sure your knees are not locked, and close your eyes.
  3. Relax and let your body sway until you feel a pull forward.
  4. Once you feel the pull forward, the CosmoGram has aligned and attuned you.
  5. Turn around so that you are facing the CosmoGram with your feet together and parallel, close your eyes, and make sure that your knees are not locked.
  6. Again, relax and let your body sway until you feel a pull forward.

***Always wait for the forward pull -whichever direction you are facing. You do not need to look at the images in the CosmoGram or concentrate on your chakras.

You may do this daily and at any time to ground yourself when you are experiencing ‘emotional whirlwinds’

You may also lie on top of the CosmoGram, or place it on top of your body, and just relax. –Do not sleep on your CosmoGram, as it is too intense and will not allow for a restful sleep.

Information about the Chakra CosmoGram System:

The hand-painted images of this CosmoGram were created in such a way that they line up with each other to be fully utilized as one connected system. The beautiful energy of the dolphin plays an important role in this system as it brings joyfulness and playfulness. The images represent the 7 Chakras of the human physical body, as well as the 7 Chakras within our Mother Earth.

This CosmoGram, therefore, aligns your Chakras to your Higher Vibrational Chakras -in harmony with the Earth’s shift into higher vibrations.

By using this system daily, your Chakras will gradually become attuned to the Higher Vibration.

This Chakra CosmoGram System can be used by everyone: to align our Chakras, as a general supportive healing tool, and as a daily ‘hygiene’ tool to support health and a high vibratory space. The CosmoGram directs emotional energies away from lower levels of expression, into higher levels of motion. This CosmoGram is sophisticated in that it both grounds us and uplifts our spirit.


Additional Information

Chakra CosmoGram System

FSC paper print 10’x30′
Poster is shipped rolled up.
Can be laminated or put in a glass frame.


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