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Sacred CosmoGram Locket


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This Interchangeable Locket has Magnifying Dual Glass Windows and Pure Silver Casings to Amplify the Frequency of the Image. (Chain not included)

Product Description

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Each Locket is a Powerful Tool

With it you can utilize the vibrational healing and potential of 8 different CosmoGrams.
The Sacred CosmoGrams are the key to decipher the code to take the person beyond their mind and mental understanding.


Sacred CosmoGram Plates that come with the Locket:

8th Chakra

~ This CosmoGram Carries the vibrational connection to the other side, especially to our Ancestors

~ It can be utilized to heal old resentments from within the family

~ It contains the original vibration of the 8¬†mother cells for the ‘physical Earth family’

Flower of Growth

~ This CosmoGram carries the energies required by all living things to experience growth;

it holds the codes that allow the necessary energies of the Earth to replicate itself.

~ It is linked to the creative essence of the feminine within the planet ~ the Earth Essence

Infinity of Connectedness

~ This CosmoGram carries the vibration of the memory that lies in the Infinity of Love.

~ It also carries the vibration of and mirrors our relationship that we have with Ourselves, with Nature, and with the Universe relative to our self.

~ It will activate the consciousness of the constant, infinite change and the memory of all our relations.

~ Everyone exposed to this CosmoGram will benefit from a lifting of their own vibration, from wherever they are at.

Law of Spirit

~ The vibrational frequency of this CosmoGram is strong, powerful, solid, and steady.

~ It represents the sacred primordial energies and will unify those sacred energies with the essence of the present

~ It will bring an immediate re-attunement to the laws of nature

Multi-Dimensional Love

~ This CosmoGram carries the vibration of the Crystal Matrix of Light that exists within all beings

~ It transmutes and dissipates fear, and all that comes from fear like: arrogance, anger, shame, guilt, jealousy, greed, etc.

~It is especially helpful for children and traumatic situations

Peace of Mind

~ This CosmoGram carries the vibration of peaceful flow

~ It brings the Heart and the Mind into a centred and quiet place

~ It assists youths with distractedness and brings peacefulness to children

Perfect Balance Feminine ~ Perfect Balance Masculine

~ This CosmoGram carries the vibrational frequency of perfect balance

~ It brings harmony and balance to the masculine and feminine energies

~ Strengthening of the immune system

Resurrection of Truth

~ This CosmoGram Carries the Vibration of water

~ It breaks through blocks where one is not able to speak their Truth


The power to heal is already inside of you; all you have to do is give your healing power focus and direction. The CosmoGram is the key to cipher the code to take you beyond your mind and mental understanding.


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