Systemic Constellation – Utilization

Family.  Past Life.  Nature.  Business.

Family Constellation

  • Family Constellation is a unique way of identifying and resolving unconscious patterns in your family that arise internally in you as a response to family loyalties; unresolved family trauma’s and hidden dynamics both from our immediate and distant ancestors.
  • We unknowingly carry these energetic issues and beliefs in our day-to-day speech, symptoms, belief systems and body defenses/patterns.

Past/other Life Constellation

  • Past (other) Lives Constellation helps you heal repetitive issues or patterns in your own personal life that result in self-sabotage, hurt and incapability of moving forward in your life.
  • Just as with Family Constellations, Alexandra helps guide you through recognizing and compassionately understanding the how’s and where’s behind behavioral patterns and entanglements that no longer serve you, yet up till now you’ve not been able to release.
  • Utilizing the wisdom and knowledge of your past/other life experience and the connection to your current life experiences, you are able to shift your perceptions.
  • From your soul you will receive clues and keys to unlock new understandings of how and where your problems have developed.
  • Different to the Family Constellation, Alexandra encourages you to contemplate your newly received understanding of self.

Nature Constellation

  • Nature Constellation enables us to have a ‘direct’ dialog with Nature and all that is connected to her.
  • In the past we have separated ourselves from Nature, but even that is an illusion as we ‘humans’ are part of Nature.
  • We can utilize this Constellation to consult nature with the ideas we have, and receive the wisdom of Nature which knows what is supportive to All.
  • In a beautiful way we are being shown how our actions or none action, are affecting the environment we live in and live from.
  • Just like in any other Systemic Constellation, Alexandra facilitates the process of truly understanding the connection between all the elements that are at stake, individually and collectively.

Business Constellation

  • Business Constellations are utilized to give you another ‘look’ at your business. They can give you insights, which assist you to make decision that benefit everyone involved.
  • In Business Organizations the environment, you, your employees or any other parts of your business are influencing the outcome of your success.
  • Different to the family system, we are able to directly influence our decision in the organization. Every one plays their part, but we are looking more at the business-position one holds, then rather the ‘person’ itself.
  • Constellations are greatly utilized in business, no matter how large or small.
  • We can include all your gifts and have a deeper look how and where you are supported and strengthened within them, or what weakens them.
  • With new insights you can take your business into success without stress.