Guided Video Meditation

Suite of ‘Guided Video Mediation and Journey’ for easy utilization.

Meditations for every day, right from your mobil deceive. After you got your meditation, simply download the mobile Gumroad app to your mobile device. Now you can conveniently access your meditation daily, right at your fingertips.
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Product Description

Those guided video meditation and journey are utilizing the vibrational power of the Sacred CosmoGrams.

Each one has a sample listening for you to tune in with your heart.

The Sacred CosmoGram images are multidimensional portals from the Cosmic Heart to our Heart. The images are a new language of the light, manifested into the third dimension as Sacred CosmoGrams, to support and assist the change into higher vibrations. The expansion of love. The CosmoGrams are a key part in Alexandra’s guided meditation and journeying; they help decipher the mysterious code to take people beyond their mind and mental understanding.

The image is an imported part of this journey and meditation, I have created this guided video meditation.

You can utilize those guided journey and meditation over and over again.


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