Guided Video Meditation – Flower of Growth (Vimeo)


Guided Video Mediation and Journey
Sacred CosmoGram ‘Flower of Growth’ – release to complete



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Sacred CosmoGram ‘Flower of Growth’
~ release to complete ~
1 min Sample


This guided video meditation and journey is utilizing the vibrational power of the Sacred CosmoGram ‘Flower of Growth’.
Besides the utilization in the garden it is also is being used as vibrational tool to support the healing of specific physical parts in the human body.
It will support and enhance the regeneration and healing on the cellular level.

This specific healing journey was created to support the regeneration and healing process on the cellular level. You can utilize this journey over and over again. WE clear release to complete.  It can also be utilized for anything that require a conspicuous approach.

Because the image is an imported part of this journey and meditation, I have created this guided video meditation.

After purchase you have 1 download of this video, make sure to check your download folder.
The file is about 84 MB and has a duration of 33 min.



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