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Healing Past Present Future

Guided Journey and Ceremony – Online
The Love of our Ancestors

Our first online ‘Systemic Constellation’ was powerful and far reaching. Since then it became clear to many of us, that in fact we All (globally) live in the filed of change, that in fact we All connected through a ‘knowing field’ and that we in fact have a choice in how we want to move forward.

To me it has become obvious that we are in the need of moving from our personal issues into human community for the good of All Life. For the reasons of reaching deeply into our heart, no matter where you live, I am offering again an online guided journey and ceremony. Let’s make peace with the past to call in a life supporting future. (not a replicate of the past)! You will receive the login data after the purchase of a ticket or eTransfer (preferred), thank you.

Let’s make peace with the past to call in a life supporting future for All.


 Come and join:
Friday, June 26th at 8 pm PST
Investment: $25-$35 donation

You will need screen access, we use a Sacred CosmoGram
Zoom (updated) invitation will follow after donation.